DIY tips for grooming your dog at home

tips for grooming your dog

DIY tips for grooming your dog at home

Tips for grooming your dog longer softer coats. Like border collies are best brushed with a soft bristle or pin brush. There are even special brushes designed for DE-shedding breeds. With thick double coats like Husky’s and German Shepherds.
Trim your dog’s nails
Unless your pet spends a lot of time walking on concrete, chances are their nails. Will need to trimmed on a regular basis. Although the frequency will depend on the individual tips for grooming your dog. It is usually something that should done either weekly or monthly. Luckily for you it is very easy to tell when your pet is overdue a nail trim. If your dogs nails make a clicking sound when they are walking, chances are they are too long! As a dog’s nails should not touch the ground when they are standing.
Many dog owners are nervous to trim their own nails, as it can seem like a scary process. But it does not have to be difficult, if your pet has had hits nails trimmed from a young age it is easy to do. You need to get a set of nail clippers designed for dogs like the Yours Shear Magic Nail Clippers. Be sure to have a firm hold of your dog paw, and clip the hook-like part of the nail that is turning down. Be sure to only take off a small amount at a time, as if cut too short you could cut a blood vessel and cause your dog pain. to be safe it is always good to have a styptic powder or gel on hand to stop and bleeding that may occur. DIY tips for grooming your dog at home
Clean your dog’s ears
Cleaning our dog’s ears is another must-do. Keeping the ears clean means fewer opportunities. For ear mites and infections to occur. All dogs should have their ears cleaned from time to time. But some dogs need more frequent and thorough cleaning than others. This is especially true for dogs prone to ear infections.y, it’s easy to clean your dog’s ears at home. You want to ensure to do it so you don’t do any damage.
The safest way to clean your dogs ears pour an optic ear cleaning solution into the dog’s ears. And massage the base of the ear to remove excess debris and wax in the ear canal. Be careful when you do this as your dog is likely to shake its head once you let go! So be sure to do this outside or in an easy clean space. You also need to keep an eye on the condition on the ear flap. If you notice it getting dirty, wipe it clean using cotton pads soaked in optic ear cleaning solution.
Or leave it to the professionals
Although some dogs are a breeze to groom yourself in the comfort of your own home. Sometimes the best option is to visit a professional groomer. As not all dogs will stay still for a groom and some breeds coats are harder to maintain than others. After all professional groomers used to the wiggling. And protesting of an uncooperative dog during a grooming session. Plus they have all the proper gear and equipment to keep your pet safe. And relaxed throughout the whole process. Breeds with a high maintenance coat like the Poodle. Afghan or Pekingese, are often best left to a groomer as they have coats that can mat and need to kept on top of! But there is no reason why you cannot ask your groomer for some tips of what you can do at home. To keep your dogs coat in top condition between grooms.

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