soft dog leash with collar


soft leesh & collar

good quality material


soft dog leash with collar, soft leash & collar,good quality material,You will love this leash! you haven’t seen more quality leather leash than this

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Weight.5 kg

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  1. Javeria

    I love this collar and leash. It looks really gorgeous and we get compliments from strangers. I did have an issue that I contacted the company about. The company responded right away and took care of the issue immediately. I couldn’t be happier with the product and the service.

  2. Imam Uddin

    I have two very large, very strong dogs. One is a Newfoundland puppy. She has snapped a couple of other leather leashes in half. She is very nice about it and always brings me the other half. However…. This leash is a little pricey, but I ordered the Soft Touch Heavy Duty Leather leash with the hope that it will at least be gentle on my hand. I have used it with this goofy puppy for about a month. Wow. What a difference. Good strong leash with a very nice cushioned human end. And so far, I see no weakness anywhere. I liked it so much, I ordered another for my Bernese Mountain Dog! I highly recommend this product. If you have a large dog, do yourself a favor and buy this leash. You won’t regret it.

  3. Syed Ajmal

    WAAAAAAY better quality than I expected. However, the leather, as good as it is, arrives extremely dry. You’ll need to heavily oil it over several days to bring it back to life. Can’t really hold the manufacturer responsible for the climate. Once well oiled and rubbed a bit, it’s an extremely nice leash. …and while I didn’t purchase it necessarily to be pretentious, it has received notice and comments.

    Be warned, once you oil it, the leather will darken considerably. …for me, I care about that as much as my dog did

  4. Abdul Malik

    Not only are these very well made and nice to look at…but they are SO comfortable! We took our dogs to doggy day care and the staff gushed over our new leashes! The handles are very cushy & soft so even if your pup pulls, you won’t get “leash burn” lol

  5. Amina Rasheed

    You will love this leash! I have looked online for a quality leather leash and others of the same quality, were way more expensive and then there were the shipping charges.
    I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS LEASH! You won’t be disappointed!!!!

  6. Sujata Karim

    here are several features that make this lead outstanding: First, the leather is of consistent and homogeneous good quality. There are no pits or tears along the length and the width is true throughout. Next, the leather is tanned well with no obnoxious odors like some leather products hold. The lead lays or hangs flat without excessive curling or distortion. The construction is bombproof with a weave, a rivet and stitching all holding the ends in place. The handle is padded on the inside of the loop which is relevant if you have an untrained dog such as my puppy who pulls incessantly. Presumably, my dog will have better manners soon and make that issue moot. The only thing less than perfect is the brass clasp which attaches to the dog collar. This seems rather ordinary though not flimsy. I assume it will function well for a long time but it is the least developed part of the system. To get a higher quality product requires double the price and even then I am uncertain if you truly get more value.

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