Royal Canin Baby Cat Milk


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Kitten Milk for kittens from birth to weaning.

Pack Include:

300 Gram Milk Powder
Feeding Bootle & Kit

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Weight1 kg

7 reviews for Royal Canin Baby Cat Milk

  1. Ehsaan

    My boy suffers with IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) and as a result, will refuse to eat after an episode. I worry that he might lose too much weight if he skips meals so when he has a dicky tummy I just fill a syringe with this to get some calories in him. It also supports him more nutritionally with extra dha, vits, and taurine. He laps it up on his good days and its perfect for mixing in medicine. If your kitty is anorexic, or otherwise unwell it is the perfect thing for calories while being so easily digestible. Highly reconmended.

  2. Izrar Ahmed

    Excellent for small kittens who need to gain weight and grow! Using this as a nutritional supplement for my small 9 week old kittens (15ml once a day) along with their Royal Canin Babycat dry food and wet pouches, and they are really thriving and growing much better. Plus they really enjoy the taste of it 🙂
    The kit is very easy to use but I would suggest you get some bag clips to seal up the foil bags it comes in – I feel it keeps it fresher even though it comes in a cardboard tube with a good sealing lid! (maybe I’m an over cautious cat mum though)

  3. Sohail

    Bought this for my Kittens and they absolutely love it. They are growing fast and thriving. This milk comes with a tiny feeding bottle and extra teats. It also has a measuring scoop and is so very easy to mix. Would never buy any other make after using this. This is the Rolls Royce of all milks!!

  4. Frahaan Tanzim

    I used this for a kitten that wasn’t getting enough from mom and he loved it. Mom loved it too and I had to stop her from getting it too.
    It helped him a lot and helped with weaning when he was ready. He is now big and bouncy and full of energy. I didn’t like the bottles though so I used a syringe.

  5. Ayaz khan

    I’ve used this for years for orphan, prem, rescued kittens and had a great success rate so it clearly does its job well. Comes with a small feeding bottle and teats which from my years of feeding kittens have been THE best bottles I’ve found. I always have a tub stashed away waiting for the next babies to land in my hands

  6. Abdur Razzak

    This has helped many a poorly kitten – and also I have given it to my more grown up cats as a bit of a pick me up – I can not recommend this highly enough.

  7. SHoeb Sattar

    Arrived on time and the can is larger than expected. I bought bottles not long ago but this included them! The tin can also be used to hold the powder and comes with a measuring spoon too:)

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