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Pet Hair Roller that removes hair from shirts,blankets,sofas,carpets etc. It will help you to remain clean from your pet cats hair. A handy useful tool that every cat owner must have.

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7 reviews for Pet Hair Roller

  1. Fahmida

    Must use the product for dogs.

  2. Sumbul Iqbal

    These rollers work well for getting the dog hair off my clothes and chairs.

  3. Bushra Alwani

    I have been using these for 2 weeks now and I really, really like these Lint/Pet Hair Rollers. I have a German Shepherd and she sheds a TON, leaving me covered in hair every time I pet her or when she leans against me, so I have these all over the house and am constantly grabbing one to get hair off whatever I’m wearing. Works well on furniture, too.

  4. Nabeela Barkat

    I have two long-haired ragdoll cats that their hair fly everywhere and difficult to remove from furniture, clothes, and stairs and these rollers gets the job done better than any vacuum cleaners I own and I have the best vacuum cleaners out there on the market to remove all the pet hair from my stairs and sofas. I take pride in a clean house but also love my long haired ragdoll kitties so I always make sure I have enough of these pet hair rollers because they are the only thing that removes all the long pet hairs.

  5. Humaira Madiha Khan

    Have tried so many lint rollers ( 2 cats ) these are by far the best, very pleasantly surprised . Come off roller really easily with their unique spiral cut, and nice and sticky too ! Love them.

  6. Ali Lakhani

    Pet Hair rollers work as advertised. Best bargain I could find. I use them mainly to pick up all the pet hair from our newly adopted dog who sheds immensely. Very satisfied and will continue to purchase for as long as we have this wonderful dog and/or the product stays the same in quality and value.

  7. Atif Altaf

    Love these. We have one if the best dogs and one of the best cuddlers, but he sheds more than any other dog we know… and his coat is champagne… so everything dark always has a fine layer of his hair on it and we r lucky to have thi s pet hair roller.

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