Pet Food and Water Dispenser



Pet Food and Water Dispenser

  • Unbreakable High Quality Plastic
  • 1 – 2 KG Capacity of Food Container
  • 1-2 Liter Water Bottle Handling Capacity
  • Ideal for all Pet (Cats & Dogs)
  • No Water Spilling

Additional information

Weight5 kg

7 reviews for Pet Food and Water Dispenser

  1. Ilyas fawad

    Waiting for when it comes to in stock!

  2. Abdus Salam Raju

    Great product. Cat loves it. I froze a large bottle of water also and left it in unit and there is a fresh supply of water. Great.

  3. Sahil Nawaz

    I think it is great for people with multiple cats. The quality of the plastic is high so it is a good quality product in general.

  4. Abu Haidar Sadaf

    I bought two of these for our cats for when we went on holiday, as when we leave the biscuits in a bowl, they go stale and the cats don’t like them. They are absolutely brilliant and are now in full-time use.

  5. Tashfik Ahmed

    Very useful product, beware that sometimes the biscuits get stuck.(If you’re going away for a few days still have someone check up on your cat)

  6. Azim ul Rashid

    Good value for money, although too many cat biscuits come down into tray. Think it’s more suited to a hungry dog.

  7. Aliza Khan

    Works a treat, kept our cat well fed whilst we were on holiday.Simple is always best. Cat was a bit apprehensive at first but soon got used to it when she was hungry.Holds plenty of food and as much water as you have a bottle to fill.Easy to top up food dispenser. .. water you have to be a little more careful. ..but all in all it is very good.

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