Cat Litter Tray With Scoop – High Quality Plastic

1,200 999

  • Large Size
  • Best Quality Plastic
  • With Non-breakable Scoop


Length: 54 cm

Width: 42 cm

Height: 17cm

Additional information

Weight1 kg

6 reviews for Cat Litter Tray With Scoop – High Quality Plastic

  1. Hamad

    Necessary products for my cats. I love it.

  2. Abdul Rehman

    Cats love this box. They don’t miss, like they have with other boxes. Will buy again!

  3. Rehana Rose

    My wife wanted these and is very happy with the 2 I bought. Cleaning the litter is fast and easy with this. I’ve seen others like this at much more price so this is a good price. I would buy again.

  4. Atiya Ibnath

    my cat seems to like the color of his litter and scoop…everytime I use it my cat just stare at it

  5. Nahyan Sattar

    the beautiful colored scoop is strong….it couldn’t be bent easily.I liked it

  6. Reshma AKhter

    litter is made of strong plastic it wont break easily…..will buy it again if I need it.

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