Two-in-one design, create endless fun for your cat.

There are two ways to play, allowing cats to experience different ways of playing.

Hidden Feathers Modes: Open the lid on the top of the toy host and place the cloth cover over the toy, tightening the lid and inserting the feather rob and feather, finished! Press the switch to immerse your cat in the fun of catching the looming feathers.

Open Feather Modes: Hang a feather on the feather rod, and insert the feather rod into the toy's connection. Press the switch to turn on your cat's playtime!

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cat toys



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Cats Scratching Post-double Pillar Height: 18 Inches Ideal for all ages  of cats.

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stimulate playful behaviour in your pet enjoy active playful time with your dog 500/piece

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Swerving fish to we make your cat prey It is Stimulate playful behavior chargeable


Pet GPS Collar with Instant Alert 

Pet Location Collar with Virtual Fence 


every ball in a set is different have pet`s favourite shapes your pet will never feel boring enjoy playful time with your pets


Scratch post for your cat to scratch. Its U shape and the post is made of high quality materials. It will last long and will relieve your cat from itching.


Catnip powder with scratch is the best for your cats.


Wooden cat tower scratch post Imported scratch post wooden tower 25 inches length ideal for 2 cats

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