Two-in-one design, create endless fun for your cat.

There are two ways to play, allowing cats to experience different ways of playing.

Hidden Feathers Modes: Open the lid on the top of the toy host and place the cloth cover over the toy, tightening the lid and inserting the feather rob and feather, finished! Press the switch to immerse your cat in the fun of catching the looming feathers.

Open Feather Modes: Hang a feather on the feather rod, and insert the feather rod into the toy's connection. Press the switch to turn on your cat's playtime!


K2 Bark Control Devices- Ultrasonic Anti Barking Device Suitable for Various Dog.


Pet GPS Collar with Instant Alert 

Pet Location Collar with Virtual Fence 

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USB rechargeable water resistant 7 solid lighting colors in one collar Adjustable Comfortable and durable

Ultimate visibility and safety from all angles


Cat Water Fountain. When pets drinking water feels happy.


Anti Barking Device, Bark Control Device with Sonic to Stop Dog Bark, Dog Barking Deterrents with Adjustable Level Sonic Bark Up to 50 Ft. Range Safe for Dogs


Vitakraft original Feather Care Krackers for Budgies Supports Budgies in the Mauser With valuable vitamins, minerals and the essential amino acid methionine Sugar free recipe 3-fold baked

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