Pet Hospital in Lahore

Pet Hospital in Lahore

Pets are the animals kept in the home for certain reasons. May purchased especially for companionship or as an act of compassion. Often seen beautiful cats and dogs; playing, eating and sleeping with owner families. As their own member keeping animals in the home. Can have a detrimental effect on the health of the animal. As well as human if certain measures are not taken. Taking care of their health, diet and cleanliness matter the most. Pets mall & Clinic is the best Pet Hospital in Lahore. Who is serving with all medical facilities. Starting from general checkup to complex surgeries.

Pet Hospital in Lahore

Our aim is to provide progressive and effective care to your pets. We have created a comfortable and friendly environment. With our patient pets and their owners. All the staff experienced and has a deep knowledge to handle each situation. Our hospital equipped with state of are machinery and tools for patient care. Professional doctors have deep knowledge of small and large scale medication and surgeries. We appreciate you to visit with your animal for regular checkups. To avoid any poor health consequences.

Best Pet Hospital in Lahore

Pets are very attached to their owner. Leaving them alone for your abroad visit is a big challenge. Our trainers are very friendly, knows tricks. How to provide boarding service for your easiness.  General checkup rooms, diagnostic labs, operation theater. And boarding/admitting sick patients. These are the quality facilities in Petsmall & Clinic. Our emergency service is open 24/7. We support critical condition patients with greatest possible affection. Ultrasound machines are available to diagnose the problem. We are the best Pet Hospital in Lahore
Our consultant deals with general health-related issues for the sound health of pets. Their diet plan and physical fitness are necessary for good growth. All kind of foodstuff is available here and can supplied to you. You can buy a general as well as specific medicines from our pharmacy after checking it. We educate our clients to improve the health of their pets. You can book an appointment to visit Petsfort & Clinic for a general checkup of your pet.
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Pet Hospital in Lahore
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