Best Pet clinic in Johar town

Pet clinic in Johar town

Are you looking for diet consultation and medical checkup of your pet in Lahore? Petsmall & Clinic is the advanced medical facility Pet Clinic in Johar town Lahore. Animals are the source of joy, affection, and love for a human. Many animals kept by people in their homes and take care of them as a family member.

What can be more pleasing for the animal is to have good health? A regular visit to the doctor can assure you of the health of your pet.
Pet Clinic in Johar town
Petsmall & Clinic is the renowned Pet Clinic in Johar town Lahore. Possessing all modern facilities to treat your pet with high care. Our medical specialists having sound knowledge. Of disease diagnosis and medication checks the pet. Cats and dogs having common health issues. Like behavior problems and aggression may lead to serious condition. Time taking treatment can provided at our facility. Drips for re-hydration wound surgeries, serious infections. And other fatal problems dealt with under strict supervision. After curing, a pet checked for healthy routine activities.

Qualified Consultants

We have a team of qualified consultants and doctors that deals with pets. A complete physical checkup performed during the first visit. And the history of the patient made for next visits. You can schedule your visits to avoid any inconvenience. Time to time vaccination can prevent many diseases to occur. We are the one-stop solution about all the problems of your pets. Every item for your pet including the prescribed medicine. Food items, and grooming accessories is available here. Experienced staff can train your animal especially dogs and cats. You can visit our clinic for grooming of your pet. Like bathing, hair cutting, and combing after which they feel fresh and happy. Our trained staff creates a friendly environment to treat your pets. We love to educate people about animal behavior and health consequences. You can visit any time at our Pet Clinic in Johar town for a regular checkup. We assure you of our full support and high-quality care.

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