Tips for keeping your cat entertained indoors

keeping your cat entertained indoors

Keeping your cat entertained indoors

Keeping your cat entertained indoors. It’s a myth that cats need to have access to the outside to live happy and healthy lives. Indoor cats can live happy lives if their instincts satisfied by toys. And activities to keep them stimulated and provide. The exercise they need to stay healthy and happy.
Also when the cold weather upon us. Even indoor-outdoor cats will be spending more time indoors. So here are some tips for making the great indoors an interesting, environment.
Signs your cat bored
Over-eating Lack of appetite Sleeping more than normal Destructive behaviors like scratching Over-grooming Here are 8 fun indoor activities that will help your feline burn off some energy and keep out of trouble! Tip 1: For indoor cats the best type of stimulation is interactive play. During daily play sessions with you, your cat can enjoy a greater degree. Of intellectual stimulation and aerobic activity. In particular, consider activities that allow your cat to exercise her hunting instincts. Toys that resemble prey, such as rodents. Are popular with keeping your cat entertained indoors. You can move these toys toward and away from her so that she has to catch them. Teaser or wand toys offer another way for you to tempt your cat into hunting-style play. All while keeping her mind and body fit and active.
Tip 2: Make your cat work for their food! Rather than letting her graze on her food all day, that can lead your cat to overeating. It is good to allow your cat to work (or hunt) for at least some of their meal. You can do this by hiding food throughout the house or placing it in food-dispensing toys. Like the Ca tit Sense Digger Cat Interactive Feeder that encourages. Your cat to work for their food and treats. Bringing out their natural hunting behavior making them use their paws to get the food out of this toy.
Tip 3: Cats can learn to play fetch like dogs! To teach your cat to play fetch make sure you select a toy. You can throw to the other side of the room, and something small enough that your cat to carry. Once your cat has run to catch the toy, encourage them to bring it back to you as this action might not come . One they do it right you need to reinforce the behavior using treats and praise such as patting. They will ensure that your cat learns to enjoy playing fetch as much as any dog. Fetch is a great way to interact with your indoor cat. While helping to keep them fit, mentally stimulated and active.
Tip 4: Cats like to have hiding places, you can provide them with places to hide. By throwing a towel over your coffee table, buying a hide house, or even by using a cardboard box. You can entice your cat into the hide by dangling a toy at the entrance of their favorite hiding place. And watch them try to pounce to catch the toy. This behavior comes from their natural instincts to hide and stalk play. So is a great way to offer enrichment to your cat. Or you can use a catnip spray like the Ca tit Catnip Spray to attract and entice your cat into the places.
Tip 5: Increase the vertical space in your home – For cats that spend their time indoors space is important. But unlike humans cats do not care if this space is vertical or horizontal. So a great way to give your cat more space in your home added nooks. And crannies high and low for your cat to climb, perch and jump on. An easy way to do this is through the addition of a cat tree or tall scratching post. Like the Pet Pals Terrie Cat Scratchier that encourages your cat to stretch, climb and play – all

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