Animal hospital Lahore

Petsmall & Clinic is the Animal Hospital in Lahore, providing emergency services to animals from all over Pakistan. Veterinary doctors are available every time to check and provide the required treatment to the patient. Apart from domesticated animals, wild is also given aid. Several regular clients have snakes as python and lion, tiger cubs. For […]

Pet Hospital in Lahore

Pets are the animals kept in the home for certain reasons, may be purchased especially for companionship or as an act of compassion. Often seen beautiful cats and dogs; playing, eating and sleeping with owner families as their own member. Keeping animals in the home can have a detrimental effect on the health of the […]

Animal Clinic in Lahore

Pets Mall & clinic is a well-established Animal Clinic in Lahore striving for better health and growth of animals. Highly qualified consultants and dedicated staff are providing extra care to animals. A range of veterinary services is being carried out here as preventive disease control measures like vaccination, flea control, and others. Some animal lovers […]

Best Veterinary Clinic in Lahore

People are interested to keep animals at home, especially kids love to play with them. But what, if proper care of animal health and hygiene is not retained, it can cause illness to the animal as well as the treating person. They need a routine checkup from a professional veterinary doctor for good health. Petsmall […]

DIY tips for grooming your dog at home

Best pet grooming in Lahore

longer softer coats like border collies are best brushed with a soft bristle or pin brush. There are even special brushes designed for de-shedding breeds with thick double coats like Huskys and German Shepherds. Trim your dog’s nails Unless your pet spends a lot of time walking on concrete, chances are their nails will need […]

Tips for keeping your cat entertained indoors

cat indoor entertainment tips

It’s a myth that cats need to have access to the outside to live happy and healthy lives. Indoor cats can live perfectly happy lives if their instincts are satisfied by toys and activities to keep them stimulated and provide the exercise they need to stay healthy and happy. Also when the cold weather upon […]

Top tips for caring for your dog’s teeth

dog's teeth caring tips

As a loving pet owner, you do everything possible to keep your dog in the best shape, from feeding them the best food to making sure they get daily exercise and regular him vet checks. But are you paying enough attention to the health of your dog’s teeth? If not, it’s time to change your […]

How to choose a training reward for your dog

How to choose a training reward for your dog

There are many ways to reward your dog for a job well done. Throwing a tennis ball might be great at the end of a long “stay,” or a romp in the backyard after practising “wait” by the door. But food treats are often the most convenient and effective way to influence your dog’s behaviour. […]

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