Animal Clinic in Lahore

Pets Mall & clinic is a well-established Animal Clinic in Lahore striving for better health and growth of animals. Highly qualified consultants and dedicated staff are providing extra care to animals. A range of veterinary services is being carried out here as preventive disease control measures like vaccination, flea control, and others. Some animal lovers use to keep wild animals who are not easy to handle if aggressive. We are dealing with domestic as well as wild animals. We are educating people about the animal’s social behavior. Variety of food loved by different animals, you can have complete guidance of animal diet for a healthy lifestyle. Breeding consultation and measures are also provided at our facility.

Animal clinic in Lahore

Proper diagnosis of the disease is of utmost importance before starting the medication. We have proper diagnostic lab facility equipped with ultrasound machines also. Our team of veterinary doctors is experienced to administer and cure properly about the diagnosed issue. We are in the one of the Best Animal Clinic in Lahore Animals often injure themselves with certain material that is impossible to treat without proper medical assistance. We are providing surgery services for deep wounds and blood loss treatment. The animal is admitted at our clinic to avoid infections until the wound is healed properly.

Animal clinic in Lahore

We have a facility to take care of your animals at our space for your busy days or you have to go out of the station. Proper food is provided along with other activities. Grooming of your animal is done with massaging, shampoo bathing, hair combing and teeth cleaning. We provide a comfortable environment to animals so that they should feel us a member of your family.
If you want to visit any Animal Clinic in Lahore for a general checkup, you can surely trust us for exceptional care of your pet. You can book an appointment by contacting us or can schedule your visits for regular checkups. We are privileged to serve for the good health of animals.

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Best Animal clinic in Lahore
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